Childhood Obesity

What can Parents do About Fat Kids?

The government is plainly aware of the obesity problem in children. Information is fed back from the schools and other institutions.slimming diet

The situation the UK has become so acute that the education authority has been planning to monitor the weight and measurements of all school children as they enter primary school at the age of 5 and then again at age 10 when they are about to commence their secondary education level. Apparently this exercise has already been tried in America, but its effectiveness is still unknown.

It has been suggested that overweight children are subject to bullying as the stigma of their condition attracts hostility from fitter children. These instances have brought attention to the plight of children with eating disorders, and parents should be able to tell if their child is overweight or not.

It is often the case where an obese child has obese parents as he or she will be forced to follow the same unhealthy eating habits at home.

Although the fault is plainly at the feet of the parents, the child’s carer or parents seem to ignore the situation and seldom take the blame for their child’s unhealthy eating habits.

The parent has to take certain steps to rectify the situation of not only the cause of the bullying but of the child’s health if the child continues to be overweight.

The main thing is to protect the child’s feelings, and if they are bullied at school they don’t need a continuation when they arrive home. The whole situation has to be explained to the child including the reason why they are overweight and even some basic biology telling the child what happens to food when it is digested. More importantly the dangers of sugar and which foods contain sugar and other slow poisons.

The next step to for the parents to set an example by not only eating healthy meals at home, preparing suitable lunch boxes for the children, but by treating the child with respect. Remember it’s a child you’re dealing with. Don’t be immediately strict and lay down rules otherwise you may get a rebellion on your hands that will make matters worse. Any family friction at this stage will be totally counterproductive.

It would help if you distributed the focus between food and exercise. Try to get your obese child interested in sports; not just as a spectator but as a participant.

It is the parent’s job to learn to cook healthy recipes and to ban junk food from the house. Tell your child of the dangers of packet food and how fertilizers and additives will shorten their life. Often people scoff at common sense advice and usually end up in hospital with a serious health problem. This is the sort of talk you should have with your offspring to encourage them to heed your health advice and eat the right food.